Hello :)

My name is Karan. I am a tattooer from Leuven, a small town in Belgium. 

I own and operate from Old Rules, a reputable tattoo studio in the heart of the city. You can find my travel dates for conventions or guest spots here, but connecting with me on instagram will keep you informed for new dates and availabilities.

When I'm not tattooing, I'm probably spending time with my family, drawing, enjoying good coffee with good company or listening to music. I love camping in forests, 80’s & 90’s movies, hammocks and creating stuff. I’ve also been embracing minimalism and learning how to play the drums. I try my best to raise three respectable kids together with my lovely wife. We have one dog, one cat and two chickens.

I like drawing and tattooing any subject matter, but I always tattoo with nice juicy black lines :)

I don’t do portraits, photo realism or single needle fine line tattoos.

Thank you!


Photograph by wonderful  Myra .

Photograph by wonderful Myra.